Washington DC





SunglassesPink Sweater | Red Sweater | Jeans | Best Slip Ons

My best friend lives in Washington DC now and provides the perfect excuse to come visit! This city is magical in every sense, the food, the sights, the people.  You can feel the history and power that is held there just walking down the street! The weather was perfect during my time there so a light sweater and jeans were the go-to. Link to everything above!


The red sweater is no longer offered in the red color but I linked the white and black options! Its my favorite light sweater, perfect for 60 degree weather! My shoes were life saving.  I went to Walmart and bought them because I knew I would be walking a lot and didn’t want to worry about ruining a good pair of shoes.  Turns out, they were so comfortable and held up amazingly.  Best part about that, they were only $15! I forgot my sunglasses and the sun was rather unforgiving so a quick run into Forever 21 and found this amazing fuchsia sweater too!!  The Rockstar mid-rise jeans from Old Navy are my go to.  I have 5 pairs in 3 different colors, and they have a long option!! I haven’t found another pair of jeans that  fit so well.



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