48 Hours in Ottawa, Canada

Happy Holidays y’all!! With break here, I had to go somewhere with some “real” Christmas weather, bringing me to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  What made this trip even better was getting to experience it with a great friend I grew up, Kirby. Ottawa in the winter is amazing, and with the Gothic architecture of Parliament, this trip was a dream.

Day 1

Kirby had a couple things to do for work, so I was on my own for a few hours.  I was in desperate need for a pedicure, so after a quick pamper I headed to the National Gallery of Canada.  This gallery is huge with so many beautiful works of art.  I very honestly could’ve spent HOURS here.  

Major’s Hill Park was across the street and is what separated Parliament and the Gallery.  It made my walk back to our meeting place a little longer but SO much more enjoyable.  Being from Texas, I don’t get to see a lot of snow.  There weren’t a lot of people out considering it was about 20 degrees outside, so I really got to nerd out with the snow.  

After a quick trip home to change into dry clothes, it was hockey time! Is there a more Canadian activity? I think not.  Kirby and her family are big Ottawa Senators fans so this game was so much fun! They didn’t end up pulling out the win but it was a pretty exciting game.

Day 2 

We planned this day to be super full of activities and it was! We started out the day with some warm drinks from Tim Horton’s (of course) and headed to Parliament.  We signed up for a morning tour of this gorgeous building, leaving us plenty of time for other activities later.   These tours are free, all you have to do is pick up tickets across the street.  As we headed inside, the wind was soaring and it made the temperature feel easily 15 degrees colder than it already was.  The building is huge and walking through it was like walking through a castle.  The pictures hardly do it justice. Click on each picture below to look at them closer!

The tall tower in the front of Parliament is called the Peace Tower and we got to go (close) to the top! Looking down on Ottawa with all of the snow was breathtaking.

It is Canada’s 150th anniversary of being a country and they are celebrating at Parliament.  They are doing this with an outdoor skating rink (which is so popular during the winter months here) and a light show at night.  Skating outdoors with this scenery was something I absolutely could not pass up, no matter how bad of a skater I am and I’m a really bad skater.  This was probably the most fun part of my entire trip in Ottawa.  Since it is free to skate on this rink, all you have to do is rent skates (if you need them) and reserve your spot online.  It also started snowing right before we got on the ice.  I felt like I was in a dream!!  Kirby knew what she was doing so she got to be the photographer and she may have found her calling if you ask me.

After skating we found a local brewery restaurant to warm up! Kirby suggested Lowertown which is in an older part of town in walking distance of Parliament.  Had some fish and chips (my favorite) and she had an avocado sandwich and went find desert!

It is now about 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside so hot chocolate was in order.  To pair with our hot chocolate we got a Bearvertail, a local favorite.  This is a flat and long piece of fried dough covered with cinnamon and sugar.  If you’re looking for my opinion there is not better combination.  Beavertails are also offered with other toppings like Nutella!

Kirby this trip was amazing and I cannot wait to come back!! Maybe in the summer next time 😉


If you want an amazing warm hat like I wore on this trip, here is the link.  It’s $5 in stores and $6.88 online.  I went back and bought it in 2 other colors after this trip!!

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