Magnolia Market – Waco

Hi y’all!! It’s been a little while, this semester has been crazy!!  A few weeks ago my aunt came down from Illinois to visit and she is a HUGE fan of the show Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.  With Waco being an easy 2 hour drive from my hometown Keller (Dallas/Fort Worth area), we had to make a day trip down to the silos.

This place is no less than magical.  The shop is in an old mill warehouse and is always packed with people and super cute decorations for your home.  They do not sell furniture here.  Outside are the silos.  They have a little stage with picnic tables and occasionally will host live bands here.  Hungry? They have a ton of local food trucks and bakery with cute seating area to match it. Joanna is not just known for her amazing home design but also for her spice garden she occasionally showcases on Fixer Upper.  She has recreated it at Magnolia Market!

Waco is such a cool little town, and Magnolia Market just adds to it!


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