Puerto Vallarta

What a great little get-away trip this was! Nolan and I had agreed we both needed a weekend together in a fun location as he had just finished OTA practices with the Seahawks and I just finished my first month interning with Coca-Cola.  Puerto Vallarta is definitely a tourist town but in the right places, you can get away from it easily.

As most cities, Puerto Vallarta has different neighborhoods, all with different personalities.  We stayed about 7 miles south of the airport in Zona Romantica.  This is area is known for being a little less touristy as it is where the Mexican travelers stay.  Our hotel, Playa Los Arcos, is apart of a boutique Mexican owned chain.  It was right on the most popular beach (Playa Los Muertos) in Puerto Vallarta and the view from our window was beautiful.

View from our suite at Playa Los Arcos

We didn’t get there until 5 p.m. on Saturday, so laying out on the beach was not really an option.  Instead we walked down The Malecon, which is their boardwalk along the beach.  Along the Malecon, we came across vendors, restaurants, and street performers.   We came across “Los Arcos” and “Our Lady Guadalupe” church along the way.  Attached to Los Arcos is a little outdoor theater where we watch the Mexico Naval Band perform a couple songs.  Across the square was Our Lady Guadalupe church.  This church is one of the most famous landmarks in Puerto Vallarta.  Unfortunately there was a service being held, so we couldn’t walk inside.

Our Lady Guadalupe Church
Los Arcos

While we were there, we made a decision to only eat Mexican food, as neither of us have a good selection of it where we live and where can you find better Mexican food than in Mexico?!  Along the beach you can find tons of open air restaurants, we stopped at Si Senor. We ended up eating here twice, once on the beach and once inside because we liked it so much.  Clearly Nolan was excited about the food.

Nolan at Si Senor

As the sun was going down and on our way back to the hotel, we stopped at the Playa Los Muertos Pier.  This provides great views down the beach and perfect photo ops!

On Playa Los Muertos Pier

We love breakfast, and if you ask Nolan, this was the best part of the trip.  We found this cute little cafe called Cafe De Olla.  It was a smaller restaurant right around the corner from our hotel.  The line waiting outside was definitely a good sign when we walked up.  We got a ton of yummy food and did not spend very much on it.  This was just what we needed before spending the rest of the day on the beach.

Playa Los Muertos (Pier in the background)
Playa Los Muertos

That night we went to a restaurant recommended by multiple people, La Palapa.  And I will now reccomend it to you as well.  It is a little bit fancier, and you may want to make a reservation but this was a perfect place for a date night.  This restaurant was right on the beach as well and open.  It was rather romantic with the sunset and candle lit tables, but that’s just the romantic in me.

Sunset at La Palapa

Our last full day there we walked down the Malecon again in order to find street vendors.  Unfortunately since it was a Monday, not many were out. But we still got snowcones (something we have done the entire time we’ve known each other) to help with the heat a little bit.  The man was literally scrapping ice from a huge block in a cooler, then poured fruit over top.  

And back to the beach we go!  One myth I want to get out of the way is that you should still wear sunscreen, even if you are under an umbrella the whole time.  I was pretty burned after making the mistake of not wearing sunscreen.  On the beach, there are tons of vendors, and I mean TONS!   You will perfect the saying “No Gracias,” after being offered so many different services and trinkets.  All weekend we talked about trying the food the vendors were selling on sticks.  We saw down the beach where they were making it so we weren’t worried about if it was sanitary or not.  Honestly, I wish we would’ve tried this earlier. Nolan had the prawn, and I had marlin.  It was so good and so cheap!


Marlin on a stick
Prawn on a stick

Since we ate on the beach snacks, we didn’t really need a normal dinner so we headed for happy hour.  Our pick was Daiquiri Dicks, which was just a block away from our hotel.  We didn’t have daiquiris but their selection of cocktails was great! The view wasn’t so bad either.

Sunset at Daiquiri Dicks

As I am sucker for sunsets, and this guy, this trip was so fun and the perfect little get-away.

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