As much as I love to travel internationally, I do stay closer to home sometimes.  This time my destination was Seattle.  This is over two trips and as it has also become one of my favorite places (I may say this about everywhere I go), and as I visit more I will probably write about it more.  My best friend of 6 years and now boyfriend, Nolan, moved up there for work, giving me a perfect excuse to make the trip.

I just want to start with saying, WOW I LOVE SEATTLE!!!!!! Nolan had practice and a game the first time I went up so a friend of his, Jonel, took me around some cute little areas of town.  The first spot being a super cute little brunch place called Shelter Lounge, in a community called Green Lake just across the harbor from downtown Seattle.  This is a must visit.  I am a sucker for a mimosa and french toast and that is precisely what I had.  The french toast I ate had a coconut crust and had to have been made out of cake and had a cream cheese and cinnamon spread.  It was delicious! Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) it went really well with a grapefruit mimosa.

The most amazing french toast at Shelter Lounge.

After going to brunch we went to an area called Gasworks Park.  If you want a view of Seattle or want to go on a run with a view (there’s a ton of running clubs up there) this is an awesome way to go! Its very quiet and a great spot for pictures.  This park is an old refinery plant for a former energy company but is no longer operating.

Jonel and I at Gasworks Park, looking towards downtown Seattle.

A few blocks away from Gas Works was the Fremont Troll. This art project was started as a competition in efforts to cut back on crime in the neighborhood.  It acts as the watching eyes on Troll Ave and sits right under a bridge.  Its kinda creepy too.

Fremont Troll

Later that day we went for an early dinner at BeachHouse Bar + Grill in Kirkland, just north of Seattle.  This restaurant has a really cool and hip vibe to it.  This has turned out to be one of my favorite places to eat, as the crab mac and cheese is one of the greatest things I have ever eaten.  This restaurant is also right on the water!! Can we talk about how gorgeous this view is?!

View from my table at BeachHouse Bar + Grill

Then comes Sunday.  Game day.  If you have never experienced a Seahawks game, I would totally suggest it.  Nolan’s dad makes it to every game, so I met him at this awesome restaurant bar across the street from the stadium called Pyramid, which seemed to be a pre-game hot spot. We grabbed a pizza and chicken sandwich and headed to the stadium to see Nolan warm up. Seattle Seahawk fans are like no other fan base I’ve ever seen.  There were people dressed in Native American costumes in navy and green, and painted faces, and even have wrapped Lamborghinis (wut)! After finding our seats, it was time to start yelling, naturally.  This stadium is so loud!  They were playing the Eagles that day and ended up winning!!!!! Go Hawks!!!

Saying hi to Nolan before the game. Go #48!!
GO HAWKS! Pre-game

The next trip up north I got to be a little bit more touristy since Nolan had a few days off from work.  He took me to the Space Needle and it was amazing.  It isn’t as tall I originally thought it would be.  But the view, WOW.  Even going up in the glass elevators was beautiful.  You can see everything up there, especially on a clear day like we had.  Its amazing to me to see skyscrapers, a lake, and mountains all mixed together.  If you look closely at the picture below you can see Century Link Field in the background, where the Seahawks play.

On top of the Space Needle, looking over downtown Seattle

These trips were in November and December and I apologize for the timing of this post. Keep a look out for more on Seattle, cause it’s coming!

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