Call Me Four Eyes – Warby Parker Review

If you’re like me, words are more like blobs on a page without my glasses on.  I have been constantly looking for a fun pair of glasses that are trendy and affordable.  My boss told me about this website and how easy the process was so I decided to look into it.

This is where comes in. A huge selling point for me was the fact that they have a “Buy a pair, give a pair,” business plan.  Every month, they tally up how many pairs of glasses have been sold and donate the same amount to their nonprofit partners.  These partners then move on to teach people in developing countries how to give eye exams and sell glasses in their communities.  This is so cool!!!

Although, their nonprofit efforts are awesome, its not the only thing that sets Warby Parker apart from the crowd.  You can pick 5 pairs online to try on at home, (WUTT) for free!  This solves the problem of them being an online retailer for a product that people usually need to try on.  Once you try them on, you put them back in the mail and log back online to order the pair you liked most.  Think that’s easy? It gets better when you realize the prices start at $95 including the prescription lenses.  Can I get another WUTT?!  Here are the 5 that I tried on at home.

Style: Louise – Color: Elderflower Crystal

This was my favorite online, but like in a clothing store they “looked better on the hanger.” The color was super fun though, as a light crystal pink.  I have a wide face which was great for these but my big cheeks did not work. My favorite part about these frames was the cat-eye shape, super fun and flirty!

Style: Lyle – Color: Beach Glass

These were one of my favorite pairs! I loved the old fashioned shaped mixed with the modern and trendy color of Beach Glass.  I won’t be picking these, though, due to the small frames.  Because my round/wide face they looked too small for me.  So if you have a narrower face, I would highly recommend these!!

Style: Anders – Color: Crystal

TREND ALERT!!!! Clear frames are super “in” right now, so I decided to try them out for myself.  These were really fun and like I mentioned before, trendy.   Personally these weren’t my style, but I wish they were! I would say these are a close style to the classic Ray-Ban and were super comfortable.  I would recommend these to people with a more narrow face as well since they also have a smaller frame.

Style: Finch – Color: Bellini

These were the most comfortable pair of glasses that I have ever put on in my life.  Big statement I know, but I stand by it.  These are great for people with a wide face like me and want a more classic look.  They also come in 3 other colors!  This would have been the winning pair for me, but i wanted something more “fun and flirty”.

Style: Chelsea – Color: Violet Magnolia

These were my absolute favorite pair that I got from Warby Parker.  The fun play on a cat-eye shape is exactly what I was looking for.  The tortoise shell style is super trendy, I just wish they were a little more comfortable around my ears, or these for sure would have been the winners.

The experience for home try-on glasses with was so easy and fun.  Once the try-on package had shipped, a WP employee sent me a text to see if I had any questions, and was happy to extend my ship back date.  I just wish I could try on more than 5 pairs, but I understand we can’t always get everything we want lol.   If you’re looking for a pair of glasses and don’t have time to go try on a million pairs at the store like me, should be your go to.

Click on each picture above to go directly to the style on

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