48 Hours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has got to be one of the best travel experiences of my entire life. The travel bug was instilled in me by my parent’s since they both work in the travel industry.  The whole reason for going to Hong Kong was to visit my dad. Although it was a quick 4 day trip it was completely worth it.

Hong Kong is an island off the southern coast of China. I stayed across the harbor in Kowloon leaving me with an amazing view of the city from my hotel room of giant skyscrapers and mountains! This mix of landscape is amazing and didn’t even seem real.

The 2nd day I was, my dad took off work and we got on a tour bus and went around Hong Kong Island.  I’m not one to be into very touristy things but I loved every minute of this.  We went to Victoria’s Point which is the highest point on the mountain. The view up there was beautiful, words don’t even do it justice.  Since the mountains are so steep we had to take a train and then elevators to get there.  Later for lunch we went to a little fishing village Aberdeen.  Western modernization hasn’t taken over there yet leaving the traditions and way of life the same as it was a long time ago.  We ate at a little 10×10 restaurant and had another amazing view.  If you saw a picture you wouldn’t know if you were in China or Hawaii. With a fork and knife not being common find over there I had to learn to use chopsticks. Needless to say that was interesting.  Honestly just driving the island was worth the 16 hour flight.  We had Thai food, classic Chinese, and even dinner at an Outback (my dad was really missing the States) and it was honestly some of the best food I’ve ever had. This trip is something I would recommend to everyone, even if it is only for a few days.

Eating noodles (with chopsticks!!!) in Aberdeen Fishing Village
At Victoria’s Peak, overlooking Hong Kong

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